The Grancy App

Design of Human-Machine-Interface

This university project was about improving the well-being of elderly people. We developed an app concept that connects volunteers with elderly in need, while they do not have to get used to tech they don’t understand, but can interact through their landline phone. The process included ideation, sketching, prototyping, interface design and animation.

mockup with multiple screens

Sketching & Prototyping

After my team mate and I agreed on ideas, that would work out and interviewed some people reflecting our target group, we started sketching down our ideas and creating first mockups. We ended up building a paper prototype to test everything and to see if it all worked out or what needed changes.

Picture of someone sketching wireframes Picture of someone testing a paper prototype

App Design & Animation

After extensive testing, we brought our prototype from paper to the screen. We decided on a friendly, inviting theme with illustrations and implemented everything in Adobe XD. Part of the project was to make a trailer for the app we built. Using Adobe Character Animator and After Effects, we brought our app animations to life, so they could explain everything themselves.