Icon Design

Speaking with Imagery

For a university project in second semester, I designed two sets of sustainability icons for contrary target groups. The challenge here was to stay true to the target group in style and find the right metaphor for each word. One of the sets is simpler & minimalistic, while the other one is colourful and more detailed. For creating the icons, I used Adobe Illustrator.

mockup of 2 icon sets

Ideation Process

In my process, I first created a Mindmap, where I wrote down all the different associations I had with the given words to find describing metaphors. I went on by drawing down sketches of my first ideas and after matching icons with a similar style, I gave them different styles like shadows, colourful highlights or only outline for example.

Picture of a Mindmap Picture of someone sketching icons in different styles

Final Design

One of the icon sets, I designed for people who like a minimalistic, fresh style. I used a thin stroke in black with mint green shadows to reflect the topic of environment. For the other set, my target group were children. That is why I used many friendly colours, included more details & stayed realistically.

mockup of all icons of the two sets