Data Visualisation

Graphic Design for Print

I designed this Poster for my second semester design class. While making a data visualisation, not the design itself but the data should be standing out. The posters would later be printed in DIN A1 format, which is why the typography might seem so tiny on screen. It took quite some time, until I decided on a topic (the main theme had to be sustainability though) and until I found enough facts to display them in a nice way.

poster about fast fashion in neomorphism style


I decided to go with “Fast Fashion”, since this is something concerning everyone. I was surprised by many things I found out – for example, that 60% of all bought clothing items get thrown away within a year. After I concluded my research, my math skills from first semester came in handy, while I created graphs and charts from the statistics I found. Not only the design is important, but also the accuracy of the data.

close up of a part of the poster

Final Poster Design

I used Adobe Illustrator to put everything together and design the end product and decided to go with a minimal, sleek neomorphism style combined with muted blue pastel colours for accents in this poster design. Neomorphism on print media is not very usual, but I wanted to experiment with this trend and try something new.

another close up of a part of the poster